Stuart Barton (Head of Department) and Paula Fraser

Perhaps more than any other area of law, family law has changed dramatically over the last decade. Whilst many people now have a greater awareness of their rights and responsibilities in a family law context, misleading information over family law and the approach taken by courts is equally common.

If you are in doubt over your position, there is nothing better than getting practical and accurate advice. Without costing you a penny, an initial consultation with a member of our Department can resolve anxieties and help you plan for the future. However, if time is short and you want initial advice, we hope that our Advice Guides will point you in the right direction.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Disputes regarding Children
Separation, divorce and Civil Partnership dissolution
Cohabitation and property disputes
Pre-Nuptial and Separation Agreements
Forced Marriage protection
Injunctions and Protection
Financial matters upon separation and divorce