All firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority are required to publish a summary of their workforce diversity data. All individuals who work at CMA Solicitors have been encouraged to take part in our survey, but are under no obligatons to do so. To comply with Data Protection rules we have summaried the data obtaining in such a way as to ensure no individual can be identified. A Summary of the data provided by those who responded to our survey is summarised below.

Role Categories

Solicitor (Partner) 31%

Solicitor (not Partner) 13%

Other fee earning role 19%

Role directly supporting fee earner 31%

IT/HR/other corporate services roles 6%


16 – 24 13%

25 – 34 0%

35 – 44 13%

45 – 54 44%

55 – 64 25%

Prefer not to say 5%


Male 19%

Female 81%

Prefer not to say 0%

Gender identity different from registered sex at birth

No 100%

Disability according to Equality Act 2010

No 100%

Day to Day Activities limited due to health problems of disability lasting at least 12 months

Yes limited a lot 0%

Yes limited a little 0%

No 100%

Prefer not to say 0%


British 94%

Irish 6%

Religion or Belief

No Religion 19%

Christian 75%

Prefer not to say 6%

Sexual Orientation

Hetrosexual 88%

Prefer not to say 12%

School Type between the ages of 11-16

UK State run of funded school (selective on academic, faith or other grounds) 31%

UK state school (non-selective) 63%

Prefer not to say 6%

Highest Level Qualification achieved by either of your parents/guardians by the time your were 18

At least one has a degree level qualification 13%

Qualification below degree level 44%

No formal qualifications 19%

Don’t’ know 12%

Prefer not to say 12%

Work of the main/highest income earner in your household when you were aged about 14

Modern professional occupation 13%

Clerical & Intermediate occupation 13%

Senior Managers and administrators 6%

Technical & Craft occupation 19%

Middle or Junior Managers 6%

Traditional Professional occupation 6%

Short term unemployed 6%

Don’t know 13%

Prefer not to say 18%

Primary Carer for a child under 18

Yes 31%

No 69%

Time spent providing unpaid care for those with long term physical or mental ill health caused by disability or age

Yes 1-9 12%

No 88%